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Modern-Rustic Fusion


Country Camouflage

Nothing wrong with the exterior of this country home, but the client was ready for a fresh look.  The green color was pleasant, but the house seemed to get lost in the expanse of the Texas countryside.  The time had come to modernize the exterior of this adorable farmhouse style home.


Cute, but Crowded

This home was cute and well decorated, but felt much smaller than the actual square footage due to the floorplan being chopped up into small spaces.  The client wanted a more open feel and better overall flow to the house.

Unobstructed Living

From that tiny, cramped kitchen, came this beautiful, expansive space.  It is hard to believe that this was the same house.  Opening up a few walls and creative use of light paint combined with splashes of color, gives this country home a feel of wide-open sophistication.  

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Family Functionality

Planned for the whole family, this renovation included many functional enhancements.  From the pet food and water station and commercial size kitchen, to the easily accessible and fully redesigned laundry room, every detail was carefully selected to streamline family life.   

Loaded Washroom

Laundry is the never-ending story of every household and having a well-planned laundry room makes a huge difference.  Here, with ample cabinets, a drying and a folding center and built-in spot for a refrigerator, this room is ready to handle loads of laundry. The window above the washer and dryer opens up the space to allow in lots of natural light and provides a view for the person (let’s be honest, probably mom) doing the wash.

Whimsical Workspace

We love having clients who aren’t afraid to step out of the box and embrace bold choices.  This beautiful wallpaper pattern brings a sense of playfulness to a space designed for productivity.  With the generous desktop space, large shelving, and built-in whiteboard, you can just imagine all the work that will be accomplished here.  

Modern Rustic

Rarely are elegance and rustic design so well combined, as they are in this renovation.  The natural wood countertop beautifully stands out from the warm white walls.  Different textures of wood bring the feeling of country into the overall modern design.  Each of these features come together to create a gorgeous interior perfectly suited for the Texas countryside.

Our Passion Dream-Design-Build

At H&H, we love to take someone’s home dreams and bring them to life.   We focus on providing excellent customer service and work hand in hand with our clients to see that their desires are met throughout the design-build process.

What a transformation!  We are very proud of the final product of this project and are honored to have been trusted with this amazing journey of rejuvenation and design fusion.