From Drab to Dreamy



A project rejected by every other builder, this home sat abandoned, with only squatters for inhabitants, for decades.  

Originally built in the 1930s in Dallas, TX, and moved to Hunt County in the 1970s, this home was the definition of neglect before H&H agreed to bring it back to life.  

Bringing it Back

When it was moved to Hunt County, porches were added that were not period appropriate for a 1930s craftsman style home.  The new owner wanted the exterior of the home brought back to the original style, so we finished it off with beautiful craftsman porches and reused original hardware found in a box in the attic.  

Flooring Restoration

Underneath decades of dirt and dust, gorgeous rift-cut red oak flooring was just waiting to be brought back to life.  

Old Made New

By sanding the old flooring and lacing in new pieces where necessary, these timeless floors were able to be salvaged and showcased in this restoration of beautiful craftsmanship, nearly 100 years old.

Client Driven Finishes

Listening the the client’s style choices and desires is very important to us at H&H.   Your satisfaction is our primary goal and we want you to feel at home the minute you walk into the new space, surrounded with your style preferences.

Echos of the Past

After nearly a century of change and decades of neglect, this home deserved a chance to shine again.

Open for the Future

With renewed hope for a beautiful future, this revitalized home is nearly unrecognizable to the casual observer.  However, if you look closely there are reminders of the century of history intwined into the new look.  From the gorgeous original oak floor to the original hardware, the past shines through in this complete transformation.

Our Passion Dream-Design-Build

At H&H, we love to take someone’s home dreams and bring them to life.   We focus on providing excellent customer service and work hand in hand with our clients to see that their desires are met throughout the design-build process.

We were thrilled to be trusted with this project, honoring the past while preparing for the future, and are very proud of the result.

Planning Ahead

Aging in Place

Our client requested accommodations be made to allow for future accessibility needs.  Here you see the new curbless shower, designed to minimize obstacles that could cause a fall.

Another adaptation was this wheelchair accessible ramp for the back of the home, plus every doorway was scaled for wheelchair accessibility.  Thinking ahead allowed this client to have these accommodations be part of the overall design of the home, rather than added on at a later time.