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Elevated concepts and craftsmanship at your disposal

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Our services

Comprehensive services from design to build

Unlike other builders, we focus on designing, creating, renovating, and restoring spaces that stand the test of time. H&H Properties provides a comprehensive suite of services dedicated to bringing your dream property to life. We facilitate seamless renovations and new builds by leading you through every phase of the project, from design and material selection to construction, installations, and quality assurance.

It all starts with a collaborative design process to develop personalized concepts and select materials that resonate with your style and preferences. Once you’ve approved the designs, our seasoned builders and quality control experts step in, completing the project on time, within budget, and in line with your vision.

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From style and conception to lot layout and interior design, our skilled designers at H&H Properties are dedicated to crafting a custom home that meets every detail to your satisfaction. Through a personalized design journey, we curate each material detail — from floorings to fixtures to appliances to doorknobs — ensuring your home distinctly embodies your unique style and character.

New Construction

When you build a custom home with H&H Properties, you hold the reins. Our tailored build process ensures that your home takes shape according to your vision and budget, granting you the ultimate satisfaction of control over your home's design.


H&H Properties' Renovation services can elevate your space while preserving its unique charm. Our expert team can revamp your home’s layout, reimagine entire sections, and enhance your space for optimal luxury. We also specialize in insurance damage restoration, helping you recover and restore your property to its former glory in the event of damage due to unforeseen events.