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Summer Ready Lake House


Sometimes we all need a reset, and we look forward to summer vacations to reset our minds, seeking to quiet chaos of daily life and embrace calm relaxation.  Our homes often need a reset, too.  Hectic schedules and busy days take a toll on our homes and then, in turn, the state of the home takes a toll on us.  This can be a never-ending cycle, causing stress and frustration.  Just like planning a vacation to reset your mind, a well designed remodel of your house can help to reset home.  Check out this project we recently finished, taking this home from harried to harmonious.

Before Renovation

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While this home had an open concept, there were many features of the layout that left much to be desired.  With the kitchen tucked away in a crowded corner, there was very little countertop space and it looked cramped and like an afterthought in the floorplan.  The inadequate kitchen storage created problems with clutter building up on the limited countertop space, and with it being so dark and small, it felt very out of sync with the living room and dining area.

After Renovation

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By extending the kitchen and taking out a poorly placed closet, H&H opened up this space and gave it a completely new look.  Instead of a dark, cramped kitchen, our clients now have an open kitchen with a massive island, loads of storage and plenty of countertop space.  The old tile and wood floors were removed and replaced with hand scraped wood throughout the space, giving it a cohesive look and feel.

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Taking in the existing back porch and installing stunning new columns and archways made this room into a statement piece.  Abundant windows out the back of the house provide tremendous views of the lake and bring in ample natural light. This space is perfectly designed for hosting family and friends, supplying space enough for each and every guest.  You can just imagine the family gathering at the expansive windows to admire beautiful sunsets over the lake.

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Imagine going from the small, cramped kitchen to this beautifully functional design.  With fifteen drawers and ample upper and lower cabinets, this kitchen has space for everything a chef needs.  The new oversized appliances are just begging to be filled and used to create culinary masterpieces.   With space for the whole family to help, many memories will be made in this fabulous kitchen.

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Without a doubt, this remodel brought this client’s home the reset it needed.  Summertime entices us to seek time to slow down and look for respite from our hectic lives.  Just as a summer vacation can rejuvenate your mind, a well-designed remodel can help to refresh your daily routine and bring functional order to your home.  

Our Passion Dream-Design-Build

At H&H, we love to take someone’s home dreams and bring them to life.   We focus on providing excellent customer service and work hand in hand with our clients to see that their desires are met throughout the design-build process.

If your home is in need of a reset to bring better functionality and order into your life, we would love to help you get it done.  Our design team loves to take on any challenge and bring out a home’s best potential.  Whatever your needs, we can find the right solution for your home.