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Facing Your Fears

Builder's Brief

We all know someone with a renovation horror story, and people are always eager to share their awful experiences. Problems seem to go hand in hand with remodeling, if you believe everything you hear.  From poor workmanship, to unexpected problems, to massively overshot budgets, it is no wonder we have anxieties when it comes to renovating our homes. Let’s look at a few of the most common issues that cause people to think twice about (or never even consider) upgrading their homes.

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Going Over Budget

Let’s tackle the biggest fear first, the dreaded overshot budget.  More often than not, this is the main issue people have with renovating their homes.  It seems that everything is twice as expensive as it was just a few years ago and the thought of an out-of-control construction budget is enough to give us all nightmares.  

At H&H, we strive to lay out the costs for you ahead of the project, so that you will know exactly what to expect for your bottom line.  In our initial meetings, we will walk through each and every aspect of the project, breaking down costs and making sure you understand where and how your money is being spent.  Through thorough preparation and communication, we price out each part of a remodel, with your design elements in mind, so that we can prevent as many surprise costs as we can.  The H&H team works hard to stay up on current material and labor costs, so that the prices you receive from us are trustworthy.  Our goal is for you to be as informed and comfortable as possible when you are ready to begin a project with us, having seen our attention to detail and commitment to cost transparency.   

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Never-ending Project

Another common fear, with home renovations, is the project that seems to stretch on forever.  Not knowing how long a project will take can be a major concern for anyone considering updating their homes.  The construction industry seems to be synonymous with delays and no one wants to deal with seemingly endless project disruptions.  

At H&H, we have the experience and industry knowledge to give you accurate estimates on timelines for your project.  We work closely with our subcontractors to ensure that each job is progressing as promised.  When unexpected or uncontrollable delays (think weather or supply chain issues) arise, communication with our clients is key.  While we do not claim to control the weather, you can rest assured that anything within our scope of control will be completed in a timely manner.  Any issues that affect a project’s timeline are immediately communicated to our clients and adjustments are made where necessary.  Our goal is for our clients to never feel left in the dark when it comes to the progress in their remodel project.

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Poor Workmanship

Unfortunately, after giving thousands of dollars to a contractor, many people have found that the work was not done to the standards they expected.  When depending on someone to do a job, it is very frustrating to find that the final result may have looked okay on the surface, but hides poor workmanship underneath.  The fear of whether or not a contractor can be trusted to do the job well, is very common.  Trusting our homes and wallets to someone who may not be worthy of that trust is a very scary thing, indeed.

At H&H, you can rest easy knowing that we do everything we can to ensure that the work we produce and the subcontractors we work with are top notch.  As a design-build firm, the outcome of our work is of utmost importance to us, and we will not settle for anything less than excellence.  Our subcontractors are some of the best available and have proven themselves, over and over again, to be excellent craftsmen.  Quality building is our passion, and you can trust that anything we put our name to, will honor that passion.  Past clients will attest to the character of our company and the excellence in our work.

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When considering a remodel project, these fears can hold you back from achieving your goal of a new home upgrade, and for any remodel project, communication between the builders and the client is key.  Bumps will come along the road with all construction projects, as in any area of life, but with builders you can trust, every obstacle can be overcome.  Our team at H&H works hard to keep each and every client in the loop, never leaving you feeling uninformed on the process.   Don’t let these potential nightmares prevent you from making your dreams come true.  Let the H&H team guide you through the process and alleviate these fears and bring your dreams to life!

Our Passion Dream-Design-Build

At H&H, we love to take someone’s home dreams and bring them to life.   We focus on providing excellent customer service and work hand in hand with our clients to see that their desires are met throughout the design-build process.

If you are ready to overcome your remodeling fears, we would love to come alongside you and walk you through the process.  Let us be your guides as we work together to make your dream home come true.