Timeworn Transformation



One glimpse at this kitchen and you can see that time and busy family life have taken their toll.   Several things were holding this kitchen back and keeping it from its full potential.  The partial wall separated the kitchen from the living area in a way that made the kitchen feel cramped and awkward.  The cabinets were too short and didn’t accentuate the height of the ceiling, making the room feel short and claustrophobic despite the height. Finally, the blank wall at the end was wasted space that could be used for much more.

Maximizing Design

Rethinking the layout of the kitchen, the awkward partial wall was removed and the stove was moved to the adjacent wall.  Beautiful new cabinets were installed all the way to the ceiling, accenting the height of the room, and a large island with a sink placed in the middle of the new space.  These adjustments made the kitchen feel much more inviting and practical for family gatherings.  

The finishings chosen, such as the dusty blue of the cabinets and the lustrous white backsplash gave the whole kitchen a lovely elegance, while not being too formal.  You can imagine the whole family around the kitchen island preparing breakfast on a Saturday morning, with plenty of room to spare.  

The openness brought to this kitchen, by the removal of the partial wall completely changes the feel when entering.  Instead of a cramped space, you are greeted with inviting,  open beauty and functionality.

Rethinking Dated Master Bath Design

IMG 4595

The layout of this master bath was clunky and forced too many elements into the space. From the small his and hers corner closet, oversized and outdated bathtub, small shower insert to the toilet in the middle of the room, way too many things were crammed into this bathroom.  

Taking out the undersized corner closets made room to expand the shower and move the toilet out of the middle of the room. On the other end of the bath, a lovely new vanity area was installed.  To replace the two cramped closets,  a new, much larger closet was built in another location to give the client ample space for storage.  These purposeful design changes made the whole space more functional and appealing.  

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Our Passion Dream-Design-Build

At H&H, we love to take someone’s home dreams and bring them to life.   We focus on providing excellent customer service and work hand in hand with our clients to see that their desires are met throughout the design-build process.

This transformation project completely changed the feel of this home, from worn out to welcoming beauty.  We love to bring a project to completion, knowing we brought new life to a house that, first and foremost, is a home.